Trips & Pictures Bear Valley Ski Snowcamping (Sierra Club), 17-19 Mar 2007

Bear Valley Ski Snowcamping (Sierra Club), 17-19 Mar 2007

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View south from the top of Poison Ridge

Ski practice

An old tree that looked a little like a centipede...

Panorama of Underwood Canyon (looking north from the Reba Ridge)

Time to head back down and set up a kitchen

(photo taken by Carolyn)

Evening light on Saturday

Looking north from the top of Mt. Reba

Eating lunch & enjoying the view from Reba

A "normal" group shot...

Mention of the Flickr "jump" photo album prompted some "jump" photos of our own

Timing it right isn't easy!


Craig even managed to touch the ceiling!

Enough jumping, back to some more turns...

...and then on to some serious sledding!

We had a great sled run - unfortunately we were so beat from climbing and skiing down mountains that slogging up the sled hill wore us out really quickly.

Sunset on Sunday

And dawn on Monday! (looks pretty similar, eh?)

Mark's sleeping area (and snow toys - but the yogurt container is NOT a toy!) Trips & Pictures Bear Valley Snowcamping with skis (Sierra Club), 17-19 Mar 2007