Trips & Pictures Crocker Point Snowcamping (Sierra Club), 3-5 Mar 2007

Crocker Point Snowcamping (Sierra Club), 3-5 Mar 2007

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The weather on this trip made up for last year's Lassen trip - clear and quite warm, with a bright full moon the first night. I'd never been to Dewey or Crocker Point, and can't recommend them more highly - they are much closer than Glacier Point in winter, and quite stunning.

En route to Crocker Point

... with a few snowballs thrown along the way ...

A brief stop near Dewey Point

Sunset at Crocker Point

Sun's gone, time to get cooking!

Mark making Strawberry Flambe (thanks to Jim Meador for the picture!)

Moonlight shots of/from Crocker Point

The big dipper (top middle)

Dawn looking east from Crocker Point

The "Pippi Longstocking" hat ;)

We didn't carry the sleds in for nothing!

A day hike out to Stanford Point

Jim & Ron's "snow condo"

Another evening relaxing at Crocker Point

The second evening we amused ourselves by building a large (multi-story, 3-candle!) snow lantern, which glowed quite impressively ...

... and became quite a canvas for idle artistic hands.

Another beautiful dawn, and day!

The lantern survived to the next day (the candles burned out some time late in the night), but in a somewhat distressed state! (pretty melted, with multiple holes melted through)

The view from Dewey Point (on the way out)

(Didn't quite get there on time in the first one! :)

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