Trips & Pictures Sierra Buttes, November 2005

Sierra Buttes, 13 Nov 2005

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The Buttes from the road - you can barely see the lookout tower on the highest peak

Young America Lake and the Sardine Lakes

(photo credit: Dave Vernon)

The view to the south/southwest, towards Tahoe

Quite a few clouds zipping by, but none hit us :( (they all got pushed to the size by updrafts)

The lookout. While the stairs were advertised to be extremely steep and "worse than half dome", they were not bad. The top stair was partially open-air, though, with roughly a thousand-foot drop to the side.

Packer Lake

The hike to the lookout was only ~5 miles, so we took another hike around the local lakes to make drive_time < hike_time

(photo credit: Dave Vernon)

(photo credit: Dave Vernon)

A very cool moonrise and set of sunsets (over many different lakes, as we hiked) on the trail Trips & Pictures Sierra Buttes, November 2005