Trips & Pictures Becker Peak, January 2005

Becker Peak Snowshoeing, Jan 2005

Janny (a friend from Cal Badminton) and I were able to take advantage of the brief break between storms to get up into the Sierra for a day of snowshoeing before she had to head back to Yale. The amount of snow was incredible - luckily others had passed before us in the past day or so for part of the route, so we didn't have to break too much new trail in the many feet of powder.

The trees were very heavily loaded with snow, sometimes giving the visual effect of whipped cream :)

Lake Tahoe in the distance:

Echo Lake

The summit of Becker Peak was a slippery pile of rocks, and required some careful navigation. There were some really pretty snow effects and views from the top, though, so it was well worth it!

Icicles covered with powder snow - they looked like white shrimp tempura!

Lots of interesting bunches of powder snow crystals clinging to rocks as well

Fighting off the chilly wind with hot chocolate

Echo Lake, with the (closed for the winter) resort in the last shot Trips & Pictures Becker Peak, January 2005