Trips & Pictures Castle Peak, November 2004

Castle Peak snowshoeing, Nov 22-23 2004

John and Lisa were visiting from the east coast, and were desperately missing real mountains, so we decided to give snowshoeing a try. Snow conditions were decent for this early in the season (we didn't wear snowshoes the first day, but did need them the second).

Andesite Peak, with Castle Peak in the background

Snow was a little sparse on the south-facing slopes, but sometimes quite deep and soft on the north/leeward sides

The Peter Grubb hut (Sierra Club, $10/person/night)

Moonrise over Castle Peak

Moonlight shots (15 sec time exposure)


close-up of Orion's sword (you can see the nebula that is the "middle star")

Luxurious accomodations (including a wood-stove and solar-powered lights!), all to ourselves!

Sleeping quarters (upstairs)

Including a luxurious 2-story outhouse

Heading up Castle Peak

The Castle Peak summit

(Brrr, windy!)

Total people seen on the trip other than ourselves: 6 + 1 dog Trips & Pictures Castle Peak, November 2004