Spinach salad with bacon

From: Helga Spiller



Break spinach into bite-size pieces; turn into a plastic bag and chill until serving time. Fry bacon crisp; drain on absorbent paper and crumble. Cut eggs in halves. Grate yolks on fine grater; set aside. Grate whites on a little coarser grater and reserve. Combine all remaining ingredients in a pint jar. Shake well to combine. Turn spinach into a large salad bowl. Toss lightly with oil and vinegar dressing mixture. Sprinkle bacon in center; ring with egg yolks and then egg whites. Toss lightly again at the table and serve.

Makes 8 generous servings. Notes: Two bunches of spinach, don't have to do all the fancy stuff with eggs (mash with fork in dish)