Penang Curry Mee

From: Theen-Theen Tan


Spices (finely ground) (Chen-Nee - used Japanese curry powder + shallots & garlic, skipped the rest):

Chili oil (skipped):


Heat ½ cup oil to saute the spices till fragrant. Add in salt, rock sugar and 500ml general santan and bring to a low boil till sugar dissolves.

Add in the rest of the general santan, tow pok and pig´s blood, if used. When soup comes to a boil, add prawn stock and seasoning, then bring to just boiling point.

Remove from fire and use stock as a soup for the mee and meehoon. (Should the gravy or stock curdle, strain it.)

For the chili oil: Saute garlic and chili paste in oil until the chili disintegrates and oil floats to the surface. (Use this to garnish when serving.)