Cheese Fondue

From: David Gay



These are the quantities for 1 hungry person, adjust according to your appetite (you might want to go for - 2/3 really - also 1oz = 28g):

Grate the Apenzell and Gruyere and cut the Vacherin in pieces. Place in the fondue pot with the dry white wine. Put on a cold "hot plate" , turn to moderate and stir the fondue continuously. When the Fondue is liquid, mix the cornstarch and Kirsch together, and then add them to the cheese with a crushed clove of garlic. The wine and the cornstarch both help it to amalgamate correctly. You can skip the Kirsch if you want (just mix the cornstarch with a little wine instead).

Note: used 4 pounds of cheese (total) 5/22/04, too much for 8 adults and 2 kids (although group wasn't that hungry). Used 3 cups of wine between two pots, was TOO MUCH, start with less next time.