Time flies by…

Posted October 15, 2008 – 6:15 pm

Annemarie was sick for over two months, starting the beginning of September…  From colds and congestion (= not sleeping at night) to stomach flu (with watery diarrhea) to coughs (that caused night gagging and vomiting) … it was an exhausting time period.  That’s in part why there were no new posts for a LONG time…  Don’t let all the smiles in the pictures deceive you!  But, it was good that there were at least SOME smiles even through this tough period…

In the nine-to-ten month timeframe Annemarie (despite being sick!) continued to improve her crawling, climbing, standing, and pointing abilities…  (especially when pointing at ceiling fans!).  She also graduated to taking baths in the big tub (she LOVES the water!).

Sippy cups so far have been more for chewing than sipping…  Hopefully she’ll pick up the sipping concept one of these days! (the only liquids she likes are formula and sometimes broth).

Massimo came to visit in early Oct – on the day of Annemarie’s first visit to the emergency room (thanks to a lightning-fast grab of a boiling-hot bowl of soup).  We’ve never hit so many red lights in a drive…  Luckily the burns were only first degree, and her healing abilities are amazing…  Scary!

Ah, if we could only recharge as quickly as she does!

“Cell phones are so much fun, except for when they bite you!” (listen for thunk near the end when she hits herself in the head…)

Annemarie, tiger on the prowl (for anything interesting going on)

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