Happy Holidays 2012

Posted December 30, 2012 – 11:24 pm

2012 was a challenge, and we won’t be sad to welcome in a fresh new year.  Some of the challenges early in the year involved ongoing ear infections for Winston, which had cascading impacts in our lives, and eventually lead to surgically-inserted ear tubes.  Those definitely helped, but didn’t prevent him from still getting several more ear infections, which the doctors say is quite unusual!  But by far the most difficult part of 2012 was the sudden decline and loss of our good friend Simon Chan in August – we still can’t believe he won’t be here to ring in the new year with us.  Simon’s passing is a constant reminder to us that life is short, and that we somehow have to enjoy and appreciate what we have despite the constant pressures of juggling work, kids, etc…

One of our yearly holiday goals is to catch up in processing pictures for the year – this year we ran a bit late, and didn’t get our 2012 pictures uploaded until (very) late December – but we made it!  Our pictures always serve as a reminder of the good times of the previous year…  It’s hard to truly ever get away or get a real break with two small children, but we’re glad that we were at least able to take joy in small things and quick local excursions.  Often these small things come as complete surprises, like the hilarious “old west family photo shoot” initiated by Shirley in February.  Other points of joy included learning how to bake macaron cookies, several really fun orienteering trips along the American River (and a day of joyous puddle-jumping joy at the Mississippi Bar Park), Annemarie starting piano lessons (and being able to play a two-hand version of Jingle Bells in time for Christmas!), and several successful trips to Loon Lake that involved winter snow and summer boating.  And, of course, we definitely appreciate the truly little things, like every time the kids DO sleep through the night!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped us in our 2012 journey!  Have a happy holiday season (what’s left of it!), and all the best for 2013.

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