Annemarie turns 4!

Posted January 8, 2012 – 4:18 pm

Gearing up for multiple rounds of birthday celebrations….

First, Annemarie helped decorate the cupcakes for her friends at pre-school:

A proud 4-year old …


Annemarie’s busy supervising her troop making cupcake cones (thank you, Stacy!) for her next birthday party at a local gym:




¬†Who doesn’t like a big colorful parachute!!????


Annemarie loves the pit at the end of the trampoline…



Of course the birthday girl needs to be in-costume for the banquet, right?


¬†Annemarie decorated some of cupcake cones (the ones with smiley faces) …


The hand-picked-by-Annemarie selection of balloons for her friends!





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