Loon Lake Trip

Posted August 31, 2011 – 12:05 am

Canoeing and camping desires inspired a trip up to Loon Lake in the Crystal Basin!  Shirley, Grace, and Andy were able to join us as well, which was nice.  The Loon Lake Chalet was awesome, but unfortunately we had a canoe tipping incident on the lake, which proved to be quite negatively memorable for Annemarie…  Hopefully she’ll have forgotten by next year…

Happily paddling shortly before the tip:

Eating dinner on the patio:

And roasting marshmallows in the fire pit!

Day 2 – “Daddy, I’d rather go hiking instead of canoeing” :(

Loon Lake:

Who would have thought that Oma’s car would be enlisted to transport a boat?  Oma would certainly have been amused…


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