Sharad & Jackie’s wedding in Seattle

Posted October 4, 2010 – 2:00 am

Story time with Uncle Dan

Getting ready for Sharad & Jackie’s wedding

The happy couple:

Powered up on sugar, and ready to dance the night away!  (by Annemarie’s definition of dancing, at least!)

First dance – “Attached orbit”

Second dance – “Disattached orbit”

Third dance – “Solo orbit” :)  Thank you Uncle Tom for being such a patient and good-natured dance partner!

Sharad & Jackie were kind enough to share some sparklers that they had left over from the wedding! (the sparkly part of the wedding was well after Annemarie’s bedtime…)

We found a great park, Kerry Park, in Seattle – it had play structures that we had never seen before!  Annemarie especially loved the spinning cups, once she got over a healthy distrust of them!  On return to Davis, we discovered that there was a similar structure locally in a more remote spot that we hadn’t explored yet!

We also took a nice ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

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